To British Riding Clubs Area 20

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  British Riding Clubs Organisation

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Area Representative, Anne Dawson


 Area Chair, Helen Walker

Area Jt Secretaries, 

Peter Booth Lynne Addis


Area Treasurer, Nia Golding

About Us


Welcome to the British Riding Clubs- Area 20 Website.

Britain is divided into 23 Areas for the purposes of BRC administration, with 440 Clubs & approx 34.000 members, extending from the Orkneys to the Channel Islands & Northern Ireland. 

Area 20 covers North Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire &much of Staffordshire. There are 23 affiliated clubs & Centres with a total membership of Approx 2,000.

The Area committee consists of a Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer. The Area 20 Liaison committee holds meetings 3 to 4 times per year, attended by representatives of the affiliated Clubs, and supported by the Area Representative, to co-ordinate Area activities throughout the year. This includes the organisation of Qualifiers, provision of Subsidised Training to affiliated Clubs, by use of the Area training grant which the Area receives every year.



Although all Clubs affiliated to BRC are autonomous, the Area committee can provide support where problems occur within the Club structure.

There is a considerable amount of Safety & Administrative legislation these days, the Area disseminates information and advice from BRC HQ. 

To find an Area 20 club in your vicinity, on the 'your local club' page, click on the link for details of who to contact, or use the ‘Contact us’ page, to seek advice from the Area.

Riding clubs cater for riders and horses of all abilities and experience. Whether you have a new young horse that needs to learn its job or an experienced horse that needs to be re-schooled or enjoy new experiences, your local riding club can provide the opportunities you seek.  





For you, the rider, your riding club provides ready access to experienced and skilled local instructors and to national trainers at highly competitive rates. In addition you will find a ready welcome from a new group of friends and acquaintances with interests in common and access to people with the experience and skills to help you.

In addition to their own training clinics and workshops, riding clubs also have access to a national network of training and development opportunities provided by British Riding Clubs. Your membership of an affiliated club ensures that you have access to insurance, discounts and a whole host of other benefits. Why not join?

British Riding Clubs (BRC) exists to provide support and encouragement to amateur riders of all levels – from the dedicated competitor to the happy hacker.