Please remember, new BRC rules on Flu vaccinations come into effect from the 1st March 2020 & are advisory from the 1st January 2020. Some venues may retain their own rules on vaccinations, if you intend competing outside of riding Club competitions you will need to check these for yourselves. BRC Area 20 will attempt to keep you updated as to how these variations may affect our competitions. Also you are not allowed to compete if your horse has a vaccination within 6 days of the competiton. If you have not forwarded your latest vaccination updates to, then please remember not to offload your Horse on arrival until you have presented your passport at declarations. Failure to observe this request will result in being asked to leave the site without competing. 

2020 BRC Rules are now effective, these are available on the Rule Changes page. Individual venues may retain the right to maintain their own rules on Flu vaccs. See below (Flu vacc compliance dates) for dates as they currently stand for each venue

Vaccination Update

6 month Vaccinations

Please Note! for the purposes of Area 20 Qualifiers, for 2020 we have two qualifiers at Somerford park, this venue does require  6 month vaccinations. For BRC Championships/Qualifiers the new rules for 2020 will apply, advisory from the 1st January compulsory from the 1st March 2020. 

If you are intending  to compete with other disciplines, you need to check with those disciplines and their venues as to their requirements. 

 If you have competed at qualifiers in the past and you intend to compete at this years qualifiers & you have had a six month injection, it would be useful if you could contact Peter Booth at

with a photo of the vaccination update so that the Area database can be updated, this will help save a lot of time and helpers at the qualifiers.  

More information -

See above for Flu vacc compliance dates for Qualifiers by venue.