Vaccination Update

6 month vaccinations

 Please Note! for the purposes of Area 20 Qualifiers, for 2020 we have two qualifiers at Somerford park, this venue does require  6 month vaccinations, For all other venues BRC Qualifiers & Championships the new BRC rules apply. Changes for 2020 are now effective, these are available on the Rules & changes page, from the 1st January to March these changes are advisory, from March onwards they will be compulsory. 

If you are intending  to compete with other disciplines, you need to check with those disciplines and their venues as to their requirements. 

If you have competed at qualifiers in the past and you intend to compete at this years qualifiers & you have had a six month injection, it would be useful if you could contact Peter Booth at

with a photo of the vaccination update so that the Area database can be updated, this will help save a lot of time and helpers at the qualifiers.  



New Sponsor

HorseHage & Mollichaff new British Riding Clubs Intermediate Winter Championships 2020 sponsor


HorseHage & Mollichaff new British Riding Clubs Intermediate Winter Championships 2020 sponsor

British  Riding Clubs (BRC) is delighted to announce that we have secured a new  sponsor for the BRC Intermediate Winter Championships 2020, HorseHage  & Mollichaff. These championships will be taking place on Friday 24  to Sunday 26 April 2020, at Bury Farm Equestrian Village, Slapton,  Buckinghamshire. We look forward to working with HorseHage &  Mollichaff, producers of a range of high fibre forages, chaffs and  complete feeds.

“We are delighted to be able to  support British Riding Clubs (BRC) through this sponsorship and  recognise the importance of this organisation to the grass roots rider.  We look forward to working with the team at BRC over the coming three  years.” Said Chris Tar of HorseHage & Mollichaff.

The championship classes will be split over three two days, for teams and individuals, including both senior and junior riders.

Friday will include mixed junior and senior 100cm and 110cm show jumping and Novice to Advanced Medium level dressage.

Saturday will include senior 90cm show jumping and Prelim to Elementary level dressage.

Sunday will include junior 90cm show jumping and Prelim to Elementary dressage.

The  area qualifiers will get underway in October 2019 throughout the UK,  with approximately 550 junior and senior riders qualifying for these  championships. Further information on heights, course requirements and horse and rider eligibility can be found in the BRC Handbook.

“We  are delighted to be working with HorseHage & Mollichaff for the  next three years at BRC Intermnediate Winter Championships. These  championships are now proving extremely popular with our members, with  such a wide range of dressage and show jumping classes, appealing to  riders competing at the higher levels.” Rachael Hollely-Thompson, BRC  Manager