Vaccination Update

6 month vaccinations

 Please Note! for the purposes of Area 20 Qualifiers, for 2020 we have two qualifiers at Somerford park, this venue does require  6 month vaccinations, annuals are suitable for all other venues. For BRC Championships standard annual vaccinations are OK, non of our current venues are requesting 6 mth vaccs. Changes are coming for 2020, these are available on the Rules & changes page, from the 1st January to March these changes are advisory, from March onwards they will be compulsory. 

If you are intending  to compete with other disciplines, you need to check with those disciplines and their venues as to their requirements. 

If you have competed at qualifiers in the past and you intend to compete at this years qualifiers & you have had a six month injection, it would be useful if you could contact Peter Booth at

with a photo of the vaccination update so that the Area database can be updated, this will help save a lot of time and helpers at the qualifiers.  



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British Riding Clubs

The BE season has begun and BRC are once again working with BE to create a league for BRC members competing at Novice and Intermediate levels. This year, the league will require you to 'opt in'. To do so, please see the following link where you will find the booking form to send in. Rosettes will be awarded to 10th place and prizes awarded in kind.
Any queries can be sent to 

Riding Clubs/ Show Jumping news

British Riding Clubs/British Show Jumping


** The British Riding Clubs (BRC) to reward their Members competing with British Showjumping **

BRC will begin rewarding and acknowledging the success of their senior members who are competing on horses with British Showjumping. From 1 April 2019 two annual BRC Leagues will be hosted on the British Showjumping website. The leagues will highlight all members that are also a member of a British Riding Club and sit within either the British Showjumping Bronze or Silver leagues.

The British Riding Club Bronze & Silver Leagues will run from the 1 April each year until the 31 March and are for horse and rider combinations. BRC will award the top ten competitors from each league with rosettes and prizes in kind.

Justine Naylor, National Director of Sport at British Showjumping said “We are delighted BRC are recognising the success of their members in this way, it is a great way to celebrate the achievements of cross-discipline participants. With Bronze League classes starting at 70cm through to 1.10m there are many opportunities for their members to compete with us and for them to make use of the training programmes we deliver via our Academy framework”. 

Existing members that wish to be included in the BRC League need to give British Showjumping Membership their BRC Membership number. If you are a BRC member wishing to join British Showjumping for the first time, there is a BRC Membership Offer where both horse and rider can join for a discounted combined rate of £136 for the year. 

For further information regarding the leagues or the BRC discounted member offer please call the British Showjumping Membership team on: 02476 698824.…/british-riding-clubs-…


New Sponsor

HorseHage & Mollichaff new British Riding Clubs Intermediate Winter Championships 2020 sponsor


HorseHage & Mollichaff new British Riding Clubs Intermediate Winter Championships 2020 sponsor

British  Riding Clubs (BRC) is delighted to announce that we have secured a new  sponsor for the BRC Intermediate Winter Championships 2020, HorseHage  & Mollichaff. These championships will be taking place on Friday 24  to Sunday 26 April 2020, at Bury Farm Equestrian Village, Slapton,  Buckinghamshire. We look forward to working with HorseHage &  Mollichaff, producers of a range of high fibre forages, chaffs and  complete feeds.

“We are delighted to be able to  support British Riding Clubs (BRC) through this sponsorship and  recognise the importance of this organisation to the grass roots rider.  We look forward to working with the team at BRC over the coming three  years.” Said Chris Tar of HorseHage & Mollichaff.

The championship classes will be split over three two days, for teams and individuals, including both senior and junior riders.

Friday will include mixed junior and senior 100cm and 110cm show jumping and Novice to Advanced Medium level dressage.

Saturday will include senior 90cm show jumping and Prelim to Elementary level dressage.

Sunday will include junior 90cm show jumping and Prelim to Elementary dressage.

The  area qualifiers will get underway in October 2019 throughout the UK,  with approximately 550 junior and senior riders qualifying for these  championships. Further information on heights, course requirements and horse and rider eligibility can be found in the BRC Handbook.

“We  are delighted to be working with HorseHage & Mollichaff for the  next three years at BRC Intermnediate Winter Championships. These  championships are now proving extremely popular with our members, with  such a wide range of dressage and show jumping classes, appealing to  riders competing at the higher levels.” Rachael Hollely-Thompson, BRC  Manager


Riding Club News

BRC News update 19/02/19


Just over two weeks to go until the first championship of the year!  Entries have now closed for the Arena Eventing and everything is being  put onto the system ready to release times next week. We are looking  forward to seeing you all there - be sure to head  to to preorder your championship merchandise. BRC  rules regarding Flu Vacs remain as normal. 

Grassroots training booking is still open. Head to the BRC Training  page for details on what training we have in your area. Please note,  training is rotated amongst the areas each year so if there's none in  your area this year, there will be next. Any queries regarding training  can be sent to 

*Equine Flu Update*
The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) notes the latest update  (14.02.19) from the Animal Health Trust of more positive tests for  equine flu in Worcestershire, central Scotland, Buckinghamshire and  Hertfordshire. For the latest information follow @equiflunet on Twitter.
The BEF is urging all competition and training event organisers to check  the equine ID passports of all horses attending their event to ensure  that they comply with vaccination rules. We remind all participants to  check the requirements of venues before they set out.
The BEF continues to urge all owners to be vigilant for the symptoms of  equine flu and to alert their vet if they think their horses are showing  signs. 
All owners MUST ensure their vaccination records are up to date, and if  it has been longer than 6 months since the last vaccination, we strongly  recommend discussing a booster with their veterinary surgeon.
We also remind owners that any contact with recently imported horses  represents an increased risk so owners should follow veterinary advice  by isolating any recently imported horse for a period of at least 21  days. 

Click here for BEF advice for Competition and Training Event organisers.

British Riding Clubs Announce New Arena Eventing Sponsor

BRC are delighted to announce that HorseQuest will be the new sponsor for the Arena Eventing Championship 2019

British Riding Clubs 2018 Hat Rules and Tagging

British Eventing, British Riding Clubs and The Pony Club are  delighted to announce that they have joined together to unify the hat  standards across all three Member Bodies; resulting in a single hat tag  being accepted across British Eventing, The Pony Club and British Riding  Club events in 2018.

The new ‘aqua’ coloured hat tag will carry the logo of the body that  checks the hat so that the source of the tagging can be tracked and will  mean that riders no longer have to wear multiple tags on their hats.

The 2018 hat rules includes a small change to the AS/NZS 3838  standard for The Pony Club and British Eventing, both of which will now  only be accepting from 2006 onwards. All three bodies will use an aide  memoire that will list the standards and quality assurance marks and  will be used by officials.

British Eventing’s Chief Executive David Holmes said; “Safety in  eventing, and all equestrian activity, is of the highest priority for us  and an area that British Eventing has invested in extensively over many  years. This universal hat tag system is a great step forward in  improving rider safety across multiple Member Bodies, which is not only  beneficial for risk management in the sport, but means a more clear and  efficient process for both riders, officials and volunteers.”

Head of British Riding Clubs Laura Sanger added; “We are delighted to  be working with British Eventing and The Pony Club to promote the  highest safety standards to all of our members. We are also pleased that  this will reduce the burden on officials and volunteers across all  three disciplines, as the need for multiple tags will no longer be  necessary.‘’

Mary Tuckett the Pony Club Chairman confirmed that ‘’We are delighted  to have come together with British Eventing and British Riding Clubs to  introduce the universal hat tag system for 2018. Keeping our Members  safe is always of great importance to us and the new ‘aqua’ tag will aid  officials and volunteers with a clear and streamlined process that will  help promote hat safety among riders.’’

BRC Volunteers' League 2018

On 1 Jan 2018 BRC will be starting a brand new  League for our BRC Volunteers and there will be a variety of different  levels to get involved in.

Club League
Club Level will be for volunteers who help at club activities run under BRC rules.

Area League
Area Level will be for volunteers who help at area activities run under BRC rules.

National League
National Level will be for all volunteers (including team volunteers) who help at Championships only.

Please visit the BRC website Volunteers Page for further information and to download a Points Card.

BRC SEIB Insurance Brokers Quadrille Selection Trial 2018

Entries will open at midday on Tues 2 Jan 2018 for the BRC SEIB  Insurance Brokers Quadrille Selection Trial, which will take place on  Saturday 29 Sept 2018 at Bury Farm Equestrian Village. The final will be  held on Sat 20 Oct at the Bury Farm 'All Stars' Gala event. If you are  thinking of having a go next year, please make sure that you make your  entry in good time. Entries will be taken online (via the BHS Bookshop -,  Riding Club Entries) from 12 noon on Tues 2 Jan and will close on Fri 2  Feb 2018. There will be no prelim entry, just one direct entry fee of  £65.00 per Quadrille Team.

For further information about the BRC Quadrille and to view the  videos from this year's Selection Trial and Final please visit the BRC Dressage to Music and Quadrillepage. Also read the Quadrille Rules section from p44-p46 in the 2018 BRC Handbook.

To all Club Officials, this has been brought to our attention once again - Please stay safe.



BRC Volunteers League


Welcome to the BRC volunteer page. Make  sure you come and join us at one of our growing six national  championships this coming season!

You don't necessarily need a mountain of skills and knowledge to be a  BRC volunteer - our chief stewards are on hand to offer guidance and  support where necessary. Everyone is welcome to volunteer and there is  something for all of you so please do get involved. 

Volunteering at BRC championships covers a range of disciplines, from dressage to show jumping as well as cross-country. 

Running these championships would not be possible without the loyal  support of our dedicated volunteers. Each event can easily need up to  150 volunteers a day to cover all the necessary job roles so the show  really wouldn't go on without all of you!

For more information on becoming a BRC volunteer please email  or call 02476 840593.

If you are looking to volunteer at one of our championships, check out the Volunteers' Club page.

Don't panic if you are not able to make it to the championships or  don't wish to travel that far, we have now introduced a new volunteer  league! This league is aimed to recognise those volunteers at club and  area level as well as those at championships. Head to the Volunteers League page for all up to date information and how to enter the league. 

New!, visit the volunteers talk page,  

Volunteers Talk page