Rule Changes 2019/20

These Rules are implented from the 1st September 2019 and are as a result of BRC HQ listening to Competitors and Clubs throughout the country, in an attempt to make competitions more readily accessible to all competitors.



2019 Flu vacc Checker


It is up to the competitor to ensure their Horse's vaccinations are up to date. Vaccinations will be checked at every Qualifiying competition, to save time and helpers at qualifiers the Area is happy to receive photos/Scans of your passports, i.e. ID page, Passport No & FULL Flu vacc record. If you think you may be competing during the year these can be sent at any time to .
Your details are entered on a database and this makes future competitions easier to manage.

Rule Book


2019/20 Rule changes

 These rule changes have been introduced by BRC HQ after listening to Clubs throughout the country, with the intention of trying to make competitions more easily accessible  to all competitors.